First-Touch Ministries (Outreach)

How do we meet the needs of people? Glad you asked! Our First-Touch Ministries and its volunteers are a big reason why we're able to meet the needs of our partners and the community at-large! Volunteering with these ministries is what helps us extend and accomplish our mission. We'd love to have you share your time and talent in our ministry, so get plugged in TODAY! Contact us and let us know what ministry you would like to volunteer with!

Altar Ministry

Our Altar Ministry assists new converts and new members grow in their Christian journey by answering questions, encouraging, assisting and nurturing new Christians.

Helping Hands

The Helping Hands Ministry serves the beautification, carpentry and cleaning needs of Grove. Both men and women volunteer to keep Grove clean and beautiful inside and out.

Office Angels

Our Office Angels are just that -- Angels! These administrative-based volunteers have pleasant demeanors, willing hearts, while assisting our partners and visitors, weekdays, during normal business hours.


Hospitality members are the friendly, smiling faces that greet our visitors, decorate our campus, and serve partners and guests during receptions and special events.


Not everyone has transportation or is able to drive, however, Grove wants to ensure that those who want to come to church have the means to get here. Volunteers must possess a valid driver’s license and a safe driving record.


Our ushers serve in various capacities during Sunday worship services, quarterly baptism services, and occasional special events; providing quality and friendly customer service to our partners and visitors alike!


Do you have experience with audio/visual, professional filming or IMAG? This group serves by providing high-quality audio and visuals for worship services and events. Our team would love to have you on board!

Emergency Readiness

Our Emergency Readiness Team serves to ensure the wellness and safety for all on our campus, and provides executive protection and traffic enforcement. Individuals who possess medical licenses, such as LPN, RN, RT and MD are encouraged to volunteer with our Emergency Medical Response Team (EMRT), while those with a background or interest in security are encouraged to join our Guardian Angels.

Visions Bookstore

Bibles, custom branded apparel, journals, tumblers, special event tickets, CDs, DVDs, and more -- our Visions Bookstore is your one stop shop for all things Grove and beyond! Stop by and join our team of dedicated volunteers.




Worship Service
8:00 am & 10:30 am


Bible Study
12:00 pm


Mid-Week Service
7:00 pm

Good soil produces good fruit. We believe there's no better return on investment than giving to the work of the local Church.